Pregnancy and Sleep: Stay Cooler on Summer Nights

I've had three babies in 4 years. I spent two very long, very hot summers awaiting the arrival of our precious babies. And I spent those summer nights searching for relief from the heat. If you're heading into the summer with a baby bump, you need sheets that stay cool. Look no further than EASY BREEZY sheets.  These fan-favorite sheets are back in stock just in time to kick off the summer months.

I remember tossing and turning during the hot summer nights praying for some relief from the heat. Between the several pillows I used to prop me up and keep me relatively comfortable and the night sweats and the baby kicks, I felt suffocated. I would think,"Isn't there a sheet to keep me cool at night?" Then I tried EASY BREEZY sheets and I instantly slept more comfortably. 

When you're pregnant, you already feel weighed down. EASY BREEZY ultra-light sheets weigh 1/3 less than others with the same thread count.

These cooling sheets not only help you battle the heat, they
don't cling to you either! Made with a rare, slightly crisp weave, they have fewer contact points between the sheets and your body. Here's how this old world weave helps keep you cooler:

  1. Improved Air Circulation: Fewer contact points allow for better airflow
  2. Cooling Evaporation: With less fabric touching your skin, your body can evaporate moisture (sweat), which is nature's most effective cooling method
  3. Better Hygiene: Improved air circulation keeps your sheets drier, reducing the growth of bacteria and allergens

Cool sheets are a necessity this summer, especially if you are spending the summer awaiting the arrival of your newest family member. 

If this is your first baby, I'm going to let you in on a secret: your laundry duty is about to go into overdrive. If this is not your first baby, you know how the laundry game goes. The good news is EASY BREEZY sheets take chlorine bleach and tolerate high laundering temperatures without yellowing. If you are nesting and wanting everything perfectly clean, these cooling sheets fit the bill for cleanliness and hygiene. 

Pregnancy is hard. Pregnancy is even harder in the summer. wants you to feel relaxed in a set of our most comfortable sheets for hot nights. EASY BREEZY sheets are the answer to your pregnancy prayers for cool sheets! With our 45 Night Love It Guarantee, your order will ships for free, and returns are just a flat $15 restocking fee. If only everything (like satiating 2am ice cream cravings) were that convenient, right? 

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