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Recycler Bags

Recycler Bags

Keep your used sheets out of the landfill. Simple, convenient way to recycle your old sheets with prepaid, pre-labeled biodegradable shipping bags. Holds about 2 sets. Other textile items also accepted.

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How do I recycle my old sheets?


Order Your Recycler Bags

They arrive conveniently pre-labeled and fully prepaid


Fill with Your Used Sheets

Each bag holds about 2 sets. Our recycler also accepts towels, garments and other textiles


Drop Your Bags at the Post Office

All postage is prepaid so you'll never wait in line

Recycling FAQs

Each bag holds nearly 2 sets of sheets. We also accept clean and dry blankets, towels, dish cloths and used garments - even that one odd sock!

Well, first - they will be diverted from landfill! After sorting, they will go to recycling companies, upcyclers, charities and thrift stores.

Unfortunately not, they aren't suitable for resale and are very difficult to recycle, depending on the inners.

Actually, our bags aren't plastic! They are made from cornstarch and are completely biodegradable and compostable. It was really important to us to find bags that wouldn’t add to landfill

If your textiles are clean and dry, then nope! Our recycling partners may remove some hardware or zips etc, but the fabric itself will be diverted from landfills.

You can take as long as you want! Our bags include prepaid delivery labels that do not have an expiry or send-by date! 

So far our recycler has saved 150 million pounds (60m kilos) of textiles from landfills