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  • Even with 320 thread count, weighs the same as most 200tc sheets
  • Open weave with 40% finer yarns to speed release of body heat, humidity
  • Crisp finish reduces skin contact, facilitating airflow and ventilation
  • Rare batiste construction, used for fine lingerie, ensures exceptional softness and smoothness
  • Certified OekoTex100 is skin-safe, without irritants or allergens
  • Made in India and Portugal from 100% Pima cotton
  • Launder separately to guarantee an extended life for these fine, delicate sheets
  • Warm wash on gentle cycle. Avoid jeans (zippers!) or towels to prevent tearing delicate cotton yarns.
    Use half the detergent to prevent re-soiling
  • Cold rinse, twice if possible to remove excess detergent
  • Avoid fabric softeners -- they don't need it! Chemicals adhere to the delicate cotton fibers, reducing breathability
  • Tumble dry low. Place slightly damp on your bed. They will dry quickly. Don’t over-dry
  • Press out wrinkles by hand or lightly iron for paper-flat smoothness

  • EASY BREEZY sheets almost dry themselves with just a few shakes after they're removed from your washer

  • If you prefer more full-bodied sheets, EASY BREEZY will not be satisfying. Look for less expensive sheets (either Percale or Sateen) at other retailers

Three EASY BREEZY sheets (320tc) weigh less than two regular (300tc) sheets and then some!

Gentle on your Skin and the Environment

Full-Circle Recycling

We make sheets that are kind to your skin and the planet

Complete the circle with biodegradable Recycler Bags -- the easiest way to avoid sending your used sheets to the landfill

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
One Drawback

The Easy Breezy sheets are really great. They keep me cool at night. I just wish they didnt look so wrinkly after I was them.

New and improve Easy Breezy sheets, available in June 2024 will have a natural wrinkle-free finish!

anita D.
Highly recommended for "hot flash" relief!

We get really hot and sweaty at night here in the south. These sheets have kept us comfortable. They'll be put to the test this summer, but I think we have found our new favorite sheets.

Sylvia Hill
A winner, hopefully!

Love the look of these sheet! Hope I will be a winner. Sheets are so important in my family. I have gotten up in the middle of night to change the sheets for my grandson because they aren't soft enough.

Wendy G. Guidry
5 stars

I would give more stars if I could. I love these sheets. I sleep so well now.


These sheets actually do what they claim. They are great for staying cool all night.