• With analysis of over 300 sheets, our research exceeds any other

  • For more than 30 years we've sold nothing but sheets

  • Amazon sells over 10,000 sheets, we help you weed out 9,997

The depth and duration of your sleep depend on the feel of your sheets.”

  • Testing after Washing

    Ever notice how new sheets change after just a few washes? While initially soft, most sheets feel rougher and scratchier with continued use.

    We test after TEN laundering cycles - long after softeners are washed away

  • Objective Evaluation

    Hi-tech instruments test how sheets feel to your touch:

    • Warm vs cool; heavy vs light
    • Smooth vs rough; thick vs thin
    • Supple vs stiff; slippy vs grippy 
    • Best or worst at moisture transfer
  • Fabric Ahh-sessment

    Unique algorithms identify sheets scoring highest in softness and temperature control tests.

    Sheets that outperform after repeated laundering deliver superior comfort over their entire lifespan

  • Sustainability

    We are STeP®-certified -- a strict protocol ensuring that textile production upholds multiple environmental and social responsibility criteria

  • Recycling

    We adhere to rigorous water-recycling policies: in one mill, 99% of water is reused.  Another goes as far as dedicating 1,000,000 sq.ft. to harvesting rainfall

  • Chemical Free

    All our sheets are OekoTex100®-certified to contain no irritants that might damage your skin, trigger allergies or disrupt your hormonal balance

The closer something is to your body, the better it should be.

Over 10 million sheets sold to America's largest retailers