SEVEN DIMENSIONS of Fabric Analysis:

Thomas Danaher

Founder of

In my long career supplying sheets to the country's top retailers, I couldn't believe million-dollar sheet decisions were based on feeling just a few sets of swatches. How daunting, particularly since sheet manufacturers use chemicals that make sheets feel great when new, but which wash off after a few launderings! It seemed primitive, but what other method do retailers have to assess sheets for their customers?  

After the retailer markup was factored in, I wasn't surprised that customers were unable to find great-feeling sheets. Most people settled for mediocrity and compromised on comfort. I realized that 'sheets as usual' didn't work and established to do something about it.

Our mission was clear: to identify sheets that tackle the key concerns of most sleepers -- softness and temperature control.

The closer something is to your body, the 'friendlier' it should be..."

(... think about this for your pajamas, intimate wear, bathroom tissue, makeup and the like.)

We assessed more than 300 different sheets using state-of-the-art instruments designed to evaluate the performance of athletic fabrics. We tested the sheets new, then washed them ten times (to remove softeners) and retested them.

We zeroed in on two truly great sheets: the Coolest and the Warmest sheets in the world of sheets.

And since some couples prefer different sleeping temperatures, we invented our third sheet, which offers separate cool and warm sides for your bed.

"Customers are tired of the boring sameness of over–hyped sheets."

All our sheets are super comfortable, high-quality and feel great to sleep in, not just when new but over a lifetime. They come from the finest 100% cotton materials and sustainable processes to ensure they perform as well as they possibly can.  And at a fair price.

One thing to know about is that we're just one thing: "The Friendliest Sheets in the World"